An EthnoFest special reunion concert with legendary super group Ethno In Transit! You only need to read this review to be convinced! 


“We then went to the La Unión stage, where the band Ethno in Transit played with a force that would seem inconceivable for an almost 100% acoustic line-up. With 4 violins, accordion, flutes, percussion, cello, bass and an acoustic guitar, one would rather expect a quiet and relaxing performance. But far from that: the band around the Chilean musician Nano Stern delivered some of the most intense moments of the night. They took us on a musical journey through the countries of origin of the band members: Chile, Italy, Scotland, Estonia, Slovenia, Austria and Sweden.


But the trip did not end there and then. Amidst a powerful performance, the band also found time for detours to Argentinian and Brazilian rhythms. It was a tremendous show that eradicated any borders and limitations in terms of origin and style, which was probably also one of the main objectives of the entire festival. The final performance, a magnificent version of ‘Casamiento de negros’ by Violeta Parra, left us with a feeling that all music in the world is one.” 


- Pablo Padilla Rubio, Santiago de Chile Womad Festival. 17.2.2018

A ten-piece Ethno-inspired music collective that will start a party you will never forget!

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