Members from the first ever Ethno in 1990! 

Zara Helje (SWE) – Fiddle

Still teaching and playing and folk music, often with fiddling husband Mattias, mostly music from their home region of western Dalarna.


Ants Johanson (EST) – Bouzouki

Musician and musicologist, radio producer and presenter, involved in the Viljandi Folk Music Festival and many other events in Estonia.


Sanna Kurki-Suonio (FIN) – vocals 

Had a massive international career as a member of Swedish legendary band Hedningarna in the 90’s but has also toured as a soloist and in other constellations in genres such as jazz, tango and experimental music. Still performs solo alongside her work teaching folk music.


Susanne Lind (SWE) – fiddle, vocals

Professional musician specialized in music for children. Very experienced Ethno Sweden leader over an impressive time span from the 90’s up to now.


Hadrian Prett (SWE) – fiddle 

Has played in several groups and also as a soloist. Has worked for several national folk music organisations on boards or in managing positions. Is also working at the Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm.


Jeanett Rousu (SWE) – fiddle
Works as a pedagogue but also performs as a soloist or with guitarist Peter, her husband.

Per Runberg (SWE) — multi-instrumentalist on flutes, jews harp, bagpipe, horns etc.

Professional freelance musician with Nordic roots, involved in recreating music from the Viking age.


Christopher Öhman (FIN) – violin

Professional musician, currently employed by the Swedish Royal Orchestra (Hovkapellet).

The first-ever Ethno camp was organised during the Falun Folkmusic Festival in 1990. More than 100 young musicians from Scandinavia, plus Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and the Shetland Islands met to learn, play music and have fun together. Today many of these Ethno pioneers are over 50 years old – but still going strong. We have invited 8 pioneers to share some of what they learned 30 years ago!

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