Some of Croatia's finest folk musicians in a unique and intimate concert.  

An EthnoFest special concert to look forward to.

Lidija Dokuzovic trio with Nenad Kovačić as a guest artist will perform traditional songs from different parts of the Western Balkans — primarily Croatia, Bosnia and North Macedonia. Their interpretations are unique, with styles ranging from newly-arranged songs to pure traditional two-part singing from Istria and Ojkanje from the Dalmatian hinterland.


In 2021 they plan to release their album LD3. 

Lidija Dokuzović is a devoted Croatian singer that has been active in the European world music scene for almost 20 years. With her bands Afion and Zykopops she has toured on numerous ocassions through the Balkans and all around Europe. Lidija is also the founder of Ethno Croatia. 


Allan Skrobe is a Swedish folk musician with Croatian roots who increasingly explores his own heritage in the music of Croatia and the Balkans. Allan Skrobe is a a true Ethno legend. Since his first Ethno in 1999 (Ethno Sweden), he was hooked and couldn’t stop. Since that he has been an artistic leader at 50 (!) ethnos around the world. 


Nenad Kovačić is Lidija's fellow-musician from the band Afion and a guest member in the trio. He is a percussionist and explorer of Balkan and West African rhythms. He is a member of the Ethno Croatia organizing team and a skilled artistic leader at various Ethnos (Denmark, France, India). His first Ethno was Ethno Sweden in 2006.

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